Austin Dog Training Pros’ mission is to bring harmony where there was chaos, and connection where there was conflict.

We empower dog owners to build positive and lasting relationships with their canine companions through mutual trust and understanding.

We don’t just train dogs, we educate dog owners.

Our holistic approach to dog training emphasizes the importance of the owner’s role in their dog’s behavior.

We want you to be your dog’s best friend, and we’ll show you how to make that happen.


At Austin Dog Training Pros, we apply learning theory and behavioral science to teach dogs what we want them to do, and not to do. Dogs are not born knowing how to behave the way we want them to. But they can learn.

Of course, we want your dog to retain his unique personality while learning to be a well-mannered companion. Our methods are safe, gentle, and effective. They are based on understanding how dogs think, learn, and communicate.

We train to a standard of excellence and reliability so that you can trust your dog in any situation, whether it’s at home or in public. We want to make it possible for you to include your dog in your life and activities as much as you’d like, without stress or worry.

We will also be coaching you, the owner, on how to best support your dog’s training and success. The owner’s role is crucial to a dog’s learning, and we will show you how to make the most of your time together.

Our goal is to help you have the best possible relationship with your dog, built on trust, respect, and love.


Adrienne Liddle has always loved animals, but never thought she would go into dog training in Austin. She started out as a classical pianist and an English major in college. In 2009, Adrienne joined the Army for 5 years as an Arabic linguist and Signals Intelligence Analyst.

After finishing her time of service, she used her GI Bill to attend Starmark Academy and in 2016 earned her state-accredited certificate as a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist.

Adrienne has used her communication skills to help dog owners learn to communicate correctly with their dogs! This makes life easier for you and your dog! Learning to communicate well will ensure a loving relationship.

Austin Dog Training


Adrienne has three dogs: Tucker, a lab/rottweiler cross; Dexter a cattle dog mix and Reveille, a Belgian Malinois. Each dog has a specific job helping train other dogs. Tucker loves to work advanced obedience, tricks, and retriever work. Dexter is a great demo dog, and helps dogs with reactivity issues. Reveille is Adrienne’s foray in protection sports and bite work.

Adrienne would love to hear all about your dog, and your training goals!