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The Austin Aquarium is a for-profit aquarium in Austin, Texas, that opened to the public on December 12, 2013. It houses birds, fish, and other amphibians. Crysty Covino, the wife of former owner Ammon Covino, owns and operates the aquarium.


Ammon and Vince Covino, brothers, founded the Austin Aquarium. Based on their past in other towns, the Covinos were issued a ticket from the city in July 2013 for keeping animals at the site without a permission, and animal-rights group PETA demanded that the aquarium undergo a comprehensive inspection.


A broad variety of amphibians, lorikeets, a parakeet aviary, and a variety of cold water and tropical fish, including sharks and stingrays, are among our featured displays. Austin Aquarium is also thrilled to bring you our rain forest vivarium where hundreds of reptiles, ring-tailed lemurs, and our “Capybara” call home.

With its unique interactive experiences, the Austin Aquarium invites you to explore everything the deep blue water has to offer. Hand-feeding sharks, rays, birds, and fish is encouraged. Get up close and personal with our Ruff and Ring Tailed Lemurs, or pet a caiman lizard. Above all, the Austin Aquarium promotes education by providing an enjoyable experience in a secure and comfortable setting. Kids and adults alike will be impressed by the delicate skin of our sharks and rays, among other things.

The Austin Aquarium exposes children and families to the excitement and educational potential of the ocean without requiring a long drive to the coast. Guests can see the vivid and colorful corals and watch jellyfish gently drift and shine without leaving Austin. We have a variety of educational programs and events for youngsters, as well as behind-the-scenes tours for individuals interested in what it takes to keep an aquarium running smoothly.

We also offer special events like birthday parties, octopus encounters, and our “Sleep with the Sharks” program.

Through education and a shared respect for the world’s oceans, we seek to inspire a new generation of ocean explorers and conservationists. The majestic grandeur and wonder of the sea is alive in Austin, with over 8,000 living species from habitats ranging from the Oregon coast to remote Indonesian islands.

Local owners prioritize the family experience, with a special focus on foster children. They understand the difficulties foster families confront because they have hosted thirty of their own children and adopted three. In addition, we provide free entrance to all Austin Children’s Shelter and Children at Heart Ministries families, children, and workers. These organizations assist thousands of families in need, and it is an honor to welcome them.

The Austin Aquarium’s fish and animals are being fed.

Our animal interactions are all unique and rewarding. In fact, the Austin and San Antonio Aquariums are the only places in the country where visitors can engage with and pet lemurs! So, whether you’re seeing our Ring-tailed or Red Ruffed lemurs for the first time, or feeding our incredible Stingrays, Sharks, Iguanas, Tortoises, Lorikeets, and more, you’ll have an experience worth your time and memories to last a lifetime!


Outside Food and Drinks:

With a scheduled birthday or celebration package, outside food and beverages are permitted in the Austin Aquarium concessions area. On Austin Aquarium grounds, alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not permitted.

Return to the Aquarium:

Guests leaving the Aquarium with the intention of returning the next working day must provide their receipt at the exit for valid re-entry. Transferring receipts to third parties is prohibited and will result in ejection without refund.

Vaping and smoking:

Smoking and vaping are not permitted within the Aquarium or within 100 feet of our facilities for the comfort and convenience of our animals and guests.


The Aquarium does not allow pets, although service animals are always welcome. A service animal is defined by the ADA as a canine that has been individually taught to do work or perform duties for a person with a disability. The dog’s task(s) must be directly tied to the person’s impairment. Please keep in mind that emotional support, comfort, and companion animals are not considered service animals under the ADA and are not permitted in the Aquarium. Pets are not permitted to be left unattended in the parking lot or in your vehicle.

Minors who are unattended:

Minors under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult. The Aquarium accepts no responsibility or liability for kids who are left unsupervised.

Items that have been misplaced or stolen:

Austin Aquarium is not liable for anything that are lost, stolen, or destroyed. Items that have been misplaced can be reported to Guest Services. Calls to 512-222-5586 or emails to will be returned.

Behavior of Guests:

All Guests are required to behave appropriately and in a family-friendly way. Unruly, disruptive, or offensive behavior is not permitted and will not be tolerated.

Photographic and video disclosure:

Guests authorize the use of high-resolution images and/or videos taken at the park for advertising purposes without payment or reimbursement.

Refund Procedure:

Single-day tickets, annual passes, tokens, interactive experiences, premium bottles, and buckets purchased at the Austin Aquarium are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement:

By entering Austin Aquarium and participating in any connected activities, all Guests agree to hold Austin Aquarium, its owners, operators, employees, and agents harmless and indemnify Austin Aquarium from any and all claims. All Guests acknowledge the inherent risks of feeding and touching live animals and completely accept the risk of bodily injury or harm. Bumps, bruises, scratches, loss of vision, bodily harm, skin illnesses, mental disorders, dismemberment, or death are all possible threats. Please look after the youngsters. Respect all established regulations and staff directions. Safeguard your eyes, face, and body.

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