At Austin Dog Training Pros, we understand the importance of having a well-trained, well-behaved dog. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to turn your canine companion into a Good Canine Citizen. We give practical training approaches that focus on creating a solid foundation of obedience and social skills using the revolutionary NePoPo (Negative-Positive-Positive) methodology.

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Being a responsible pet owner entails more than just providing your dog with food, shelter, and medical care. It involves ensuring your pet is well-mannered, pleasant, and considerate of others. A Good Canine Citizen is a canine who behaves appropriately in various situations, making them a delight to be around. Having a well-trained dog makes these experiences delightful for you and your four-legged companion, whether you want to take your dog on outings, invite guests to your house, or enjoy a tranquil walk in the park.

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The American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program establishes the benchmark for acceptable dog behavior. It is a well-known certification program that assesses dogs’ obedience, temperament, and social abilities. Austin Dog Training Pros’ experienced trainers will take you and your dog through the program, preparing you for the CGC test.


Austin Dog Training Pros is proud to employ the NePoPo system, a tried-and-true training method. This technique mixes negative, positive, and positive reinforcement to mold your dog’s behavior. With the NePoPo system, we can address behavioral issues and instill desirable manners in your dog.

Structured Socialization

Socialization is critical in the development of a well-rounded dog. Our training programs include structured socialization activities in which your dog learns to interact with people, other dogs, and other situations. We provide supervised and positive socialization experiences that help your dog feel at ease and confident in various circumstances.

Obedience Training

Basic obedience commands are required for all dogs’ instruction. At Austin Dog Training Pros, we teach your dog basic commands like sit, stay, down, come, and heel. These instructions are the foundation of excellent canine citizenship, giving you authority over your dog in everyday situations.

Impulse Control

Another essential part of canine training is impulse control. Dogs must develop self-control to avoid temptations, obey directions, and make sound decisions. We provide exercises that assist your dog in improving impulse control, allowing them to make better judgments and respond appropriately to varied stimuli.

Leash Manners and Walking Etiquette

A well-behaved dog on a leash is a joy to take on a stroll. Through our training programs, we handle leash tugging, lunging, and other leash-related difficulties. We ensure your walks are pleasurable and stress-free by teaching your dog correct leash manners and walking etiquette.

Polite Greetings and Proper Manners

Jumping on humans, barking excessively, and other attention-seeking habits can be difficult to deal with. Our trainers will work with your dog to address these and teach them proper greetings and manners. Your dog will learn to greet people politely, improving their social relationships and making them welcome guests whenever they go.

Real-Life Situations and Distractions

Although training in controlled surroundings is crucial, dogs must also be able to respond effectively in real-world situations. Our trainers will mimic standard settings, present distractions, and work with your dog to ensure they stay focused and obedient even in the face of distractions.


  • Consistency: Routine and consistency are essential to dogs. Maintaining consistent rules, directives, and expectations for your dog’s behavior is critical. This constancy clarifies what is expected of them and reinforces the teaching they receive during our meetings. We will offer you detailed instructions and guidelines to ensure that the training practices are consistently reinforced.
  • Positive Reinforcement: An effective tool in dog training is positive reinforcement. It entails rewarding your dog for desired behaviors, such as obedience or excellent manners. This can include treats, praise, or fun. Our experts will show you how to employ positive reinforcement successfully to reinforce the concepts learned throughout training sessions.
  • Practice and Repetition: Training, like any other talent, necessitates practice and repetition. Regular at-home practice sessions help reinforce the training and ensure your dog remembers what they’ve learned. Between sessions, our trainers will provide you with training activities and homework assignments to undertake with your dog. Consistent practice will allow them to understand commands and behaviors.
  • Patience and Persistence: It takes time, patience, and persistence to train a dog. Dogs learn at their own rate, and some may take longer to acquire some things. Throughout the training process, it is critical to stay patient and persistent. Our trainers will provide continuing assistance, addressing any issues or setbacks you may face and changing the training technique as necessary.
  • Continued Learning: Dog training is a continual process, even after your dog has earned the title of Good Canine Citizen. It’s critical to keep reinforcing their training and practicing excellent conduct in various environments and circumstances. We provide advanced training programs and specialized classes to help your dog improve their skills and remain a well-behaved member of society.

Your engagement as a responsible pet owner is vital in transforming your dog into a Good Canine Citizen. While our skilled trainers will guide and encourage you throughout the training process, consistency and reinforcement at home are crucial to obtaining long-term benefits.

Austin Dog Training Pros is dedicated to developing model citizens through our comprehensive training programs. We will help your dog pass the CGC test and become a Good Canine Citizen with your active participation and our guidance. Invest in your dog’s future by bestowing them the gift of good behavior. Contact Austin Dog Training Pros at 512-866-2118 to get your dog started on being a Good Canine Citizen.

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