Katherine Fleischer Park

Katherine Fleisher Park, often known as KF Park and boasting a prime location in the middle of the neighborhood, is a hive of activity and provides a wide variety of opportunities for recreational pursuits. The community center, a historic homestead, a pool and amenities area, a huge playscape area with pavilion and playhouse, two tennis courts, a full-size basketball court, sand volleyball court, baseball field, and the Chuck Walters Pavilion are all located inside this large 22-acre park. Concrete walkways along Klattenhoff Drive connect to a network of decomposed granite routes and trails inside the park, as well as other parts of the park system.

There is a seamless connection between the park and the trails that wind through the Wells Branch neighborhood. These trails include access to the disc golf course, the Mills Pond Community Library, and the Wells Branch Community Library. It is an excellent location for throwing parties, allowing children to play on the playscapes, and flying kites. Keep an eye on the special events page because the park frequently plays host to events that are held outside and are free of charge.


The KF Park playground is a fully shaded playground that features a big playhouse in addition to a lot of other fun amenities for children to enjoy.

Pavilion named for Chuck Walters

The Chuck Walters Pavilion, which can be found close to Alpha Collier Drive, is one of the facilities that can be reserved. It features picnic tables and a barbecue pit that are built right in (grills not available during a burn ban).

Courts for Sports

In addition to a full-sized basketball court, KF Park features a sand volleyball facility and two tennis courts.

Open Use Sports Fields

Both the huge soccer field and the multi-use baseball field that are located at KF Park are available for use by the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. Since some of our regional detention ponds are located nearby, these fields are at risk of flooding whenever there is heavy rain. When there is a risk of water collecting on these fields, please exercise caution and refrain from using them.

The Use of Parks Is Subject to Various Rules and Regulations

  • The Parks are open every day beginning at 5:00 a.m. and closing at 10:00 p.m.
  • In the National Parks, engaging in activities that could cause damage is strictly prohibited. It is against the law to shoot firearms, air guns, bows and arrows, sling shots, or anything else that could be considered dangerous.
  • The possession or use of fireworks is forbidden inside the Parks, with the exception of contractors who have been allowed by the Board to use them at District events.
  • In the parks, open flames of any kind, including but not limited to campfires, are strictly prohibited. The only exception to this rule is the fire pit at the Homestead, the usage of which must be approved in advance by the District Manager or a designee of the District Manager. There is no restriction on the use of portable barbecue grills, however any trailer-style barbecue grills must be kept in the parking lot. Before leaving the location, any embers or coals that were left burning must be doused completely. The garbage cans are not the place for placing embers or coals of any kind. In the event that Travis County or Williamson County decides to establish a burn ban, the requirements of the burn ban will become effective immediately.
  • In the Parks, you are not allowed to behave in a disorderly manner.
  • Within the Parks, motorized vehicles of any kind are strictly prohibited, with the exception of District-issued vehicles and equipment. In the event that this restriction is broken, the person who broke it will be subject to a penalty, and they will be held accountable for the cost of repairing any damages that were caused by the vehicle.
  • In the absence of specific Board authorization, use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited within the Parks.
  • All dogs that are brought into the parks are expected to have all of the requisite vaccinations, and with the exception of areas designated specifically for dogs, they are required to be kept on a leash and under the owner’s constant physical supervision and constraint at all times. Whether they are restrained by a leash or not, dogs are not allowed to run free in the parks or greenbelt areas. On request, dog owners are obligated to produce documentation showing that their pet is up to date on immunizations. The owner of the dog is responsible for picking up and properly discarding any waste that may be produced by the dog while the dog is being walked in any of the parks, including the Dog Parks. Animal control may choose to impound animals that are running free.
  • (The leash restriction cannot be circumvented by using electronic collars or other products designed to control dogs that do not physically restrain the animal.)
  • Without the previous and special consent of the District Manager, amplification of musical performances will not be allowed in any of the parks or greenbelt areas.
  • The District of Columbia retains the authority to modify or impose new usage limitations at any time, should the circumstances so require.
  • In order to fish in Mills Pond, anglers must ensure they are in accordance with state law, which includes fishing laws established by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
  • It should be noted that the Basketball and Tennis Courts are regarded to be a component of the Parks for the purposes of the aforementioned guidelines.
  • In the event that one of these regulations is broken, the individual who did so may be subject to the penalties outlined in Section 17 of the Order Establishing Rules, Usage, and Charges for District Facilities as well as being barred from entering the Parks.

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