Mills Pond

Mills Pond is a tiny hidden treasure accessible from the north end of Wells Port Dr. or through the Lakes at Wells Branch community through Bratton Ln. The pond itself is located in the heart of our pleasant community and has easily accessible walking, jogging, and bicycling routes that lead into Wells Branch. The pond has a fishing pier as well as a floating boat dock. Non-motorized boats of all sizes are accepted.

Take a walk to Mills Pond for some fresh air and relaxation, or perhaps wet a hook. A communal fishing pond is subject to all Texas Parks and Wildlife rules. Dogs are welcome in the park, but they must be kept on a leash at all times. There are constantly ducks, geese, cranes, and squirrels scurrying around the pond.

Mills Pond fishing

Mills Pond, located inside Wells Branch, is a wonderful spot with fantastic paths, open space, and unusual flora and wildlife. The pond’s primary use is as a regional storm water retention pond, but it is also meant to be used for leisure activities like as strolling, biking, non-motorized boating, fishing, and bird viewing. Because of its size and placement within a public park, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) classifies the pond as a public community fishing lake. TPWD has control for fishing laws and restrictions as a public water body. TPWD stocks the pond on a regular basis, with the most recent stocking being in 2019.

The District has done many phases of riparian work throughout the years to improve the pond’s native plant population and general quality. We constantly monitor the pond’s water quality. These enhancements to the surrounding open areas and paths increase the richness of the pond habitat, give greater access, and increase the park’s usage.

The District is working hard to reduce the amount of residual monofilament (fishing line) in and around Mills Pond. An first search by staff and our chartered Boy Scout organization removed any existing monofilament along the pond’s tree line. Our future commitment includes work orders for our workers to clean around the pond, as well as the use of community volunteer organizations to assist with these efforts. We’ve also built many monofilament waste containers and had them strategically placed around the pond. Signage at our pond kiosks will include a reminder to dispose of monofilament as well as contact information for reporting any line that has been left behind.

At our spring and autumn youth fishing activities, we want to continue our outreach teaching efforts regarding best practices with our young fishermen and their parents. As a result, we emphasize the significance of retrieving and disposing of monofilament for animals and the environment as something that must go hand in hand with all of the joy and excitement of fishing. Finally, as a community, we always urge and thank our park visitors to assist with garbage, including monofilament, by properly disposing of any that is left behind.

Rules and Regulations Governing Park Use

  • The Parks are open from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. everyday.
  • In the Parks, no damaging activities are authorized. It is illegal to discharge weapons, air guns, bows and arrows, sling shots, and other dangerous objects.
  • The possession or use of pyrotechnics is forbidden inside the Parks, save by Board-approved contractors at District events.
  • Except for the fire pit at the Homestead, which must be approved in advance by the District Manager or the District Manager’s designee, no open flames, including but not limited to camp fires, are permitted in the Parks. Portable barbecues are permitted, however trailer-style grills must stay in the parking lot. All flames and/or coals must be extinguished before leaving the area. There may be no embers or coals in the garbage cans. The conditions of the burn ban will apply whenever Travis County or Williamson County establish a fire ban.
  • Disruptive behavior is not authorized in the Parks.
  • Except for authorized District vehicles and equipment, motorized vehicles are not permitted in the Parks. A breach of this rule will result in a penalty and the perpetrator being held liable for the cost of repairing any damage caused by the vehicle.
  • Unless approved by the Board, alcoholic drinks are not permitted in the Parks.
  • Except for the Dog Parks, all dogs in the Parks must be kept to a leash and under the physical control and restriction of their owners at all times. Dogs, whether on a leash or not, are not permitted to run unrestrained in parks or greenbelt areas. On request, dog owners must provide confirmation of current immunizations. All waste created by a dog while walking in the Parks, including the Dog Parks, must be collected and disposed of in an appropriate trash container by the owner. Animal control may imprison stray animals.
  • (E-collars and other dog control items that do not physically bind the dog do not comply with the leash regulation.)
  • Without the express permission of the District Manager, no amplified music will be permitted in the Parks or greenbelt areas.
  • As the circumstances demands, the District has the right to amend or impose further limits on usage.
  • Mills Pond fishing is subject to state law, including Texas Parks & Wildlife Department fishing laws.
  • The Basketball and Tennis Courts are considered Parks for the purposes of the preceding guidelines.

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