When you bring home a new puppy, you are filled with joy and expectation. However, with all the sweetness and fun comes the responsibility of training your pet. At Austin Dog Training Pros, we recognize the significance of puppy training and provide first-rate services to assist you in raising a well-behaved and obedient companion. Our knowledgeable trainers are committed to offering the best puppy training in Austin, Texas.

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Austin Dog Training Pros excels as a leading puppy potty trainer in Austin. We understand that house training may be difficult and frustrating for many puppy owners. That’s why our knowledgeable trainers are here to walk you through the most efficient methods and strategies for teaching your puppy healthy excretion habits.

We focus on establishing a consistent schedule, a balanced approach, and a safe and supportive environment for your puppy’s potty training journey. We can help your puppy develop the required skills and understanding to become fully house-trained with our experience and compassion. You can trust Austin Dog Training Pros to be your go-to puppy potty trainer in Austin and enjoy the benefits of a clean, accident-free home.


Puppy training is critical to the complete growth of your canine friend. It teaches them basic instructions and manners and helps them develop the confidence and social skills required for a well-adjusted adult dog. Your puppy will learn to obey your commands, socialize with other dogs and people, and explore the world with correct training.


Austin Dog Training Pros has created a thorough puppy training curriculum that addresses your puppy’s needs. We begin with socialization sessions in which we expose your puppy to different stimuli, such as different locations, sounds, and other dogs. This early socialization is critical in assisting your puppy in becoming well-rounded and comfortable in various situations.

We will teach your puppy basic obedience instructions such as sit, stay, come, and down. These commands are not only useful in everyday life, but they also establish the groundwork for future advanced training. A balanced training approach is used by our skilled trainers to make learning fun and rewarding for your puppy.

Another important part of our program is leash training. Teaching your puppy to walk politely on a leash guarantees their safety and enhances your walks together. Our experts will coach you through proper leash-handling skills and show you how to walk your puppy without pulling or becoming distracted.

House training is frequently a major worry for puppy owners; we handle it with care and competence. Our trainers will walk you through the steps necessary to create a regular regimen and teach your puppy healthy elimination habits. We understand the difficulties associated with toilet training and are here to help you every step of the process.

As your puppy’s training progresses, we introduce more sophisticated instructions and activities to test their minds and build their talents. Off-leash training, recall, and more specialized training based on your puppy’s needs are all part of this. Our trainers have extensive expertise working with a wide range of breeds and temperaments, ensuring that your puppy receives personalized attention and training.


At Austin Dog Training Pros, we utilize the NePoPo system, a balanced training method that emphasizes clear communication and reinforcement to mold desirable behaviors in dogs.

The power of positive reinforcement forms the foundation of the NePoPo system. We understand that when dogs are motivated and rewarded for excellent behavior, they learn best. Our knowledgeable trainers are adept at recognizing the precise motivators that drive each individual dog, whether they are treats, toys, praise, or a mix of these.

However, we also understand the significance of addressing undesired behaviors and establishing clear limits for our canine partners. That is where the “Negative” part of the NePoPo system enters the picture. But, to be clear, “negative” does not imply punishment or harsh methods. It simply involves imposing consequences or interfering with bad conduct. These penalties can be anything from a gentle leash correction to refocusing the dog’s attention or using a verbal marker.

The last “Positive” component of the NePoPo approach focuses on encouraging the desired behavior after the dog has offered it. Treats, verbal praise, or playtime can all be used as positive reinforcement. We enhance your bond with your dog by repeatedly praising the actions we wish to foster.

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Austin Dog Training Pros takes pride in being a respected and trustworthy dog training service provider in Austin. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for puppy training:

Experienced and Knowledgeable Trainers: Our trainers are experienced experts with a thorough understanding of dog behavior and training approaches. We keep up with the newest industry developments.

Individualized Approach: We understand that each puppy is unique, and their training requirements may differ. That’s why we take a personalized approach to training, adapting our methods to your puppy’s temperament, breed, and learning style. We collaborate with you closely to handle any special difficulties or goals you may have.

Socialization Opportunities: Proper socialization is essential for growing a well-adjusted and friendly puppy. At Austin Dog Training Pros, we provide your puppy with plenty of opportunities to interact with other dogs in a secure and supervised environment. This exposure aids in developing proper social skills and lowers the probability of behavioral issues later in life.

Comprehensive Training Program: Our comprehensive puppy training curriculum covers all aspects of training, including basic obedience, leash manners, house training, and more. We offer a structured curriculum that gradually introduces new commands and difficulties, ensuring your puppy has a well-rounded training experience.

Long-Term Results: Proper puppy training builds the groundwork for a well-behaved adult dog. By beginning early, you prepare your puppy for a lifetime of good behavior and obedience. Austin Dog Training Pros aims to provide you with the skills and strategies to keep and reinforce your puppy’s training throughout life.

Continued Support: We recognize that puppy training is a journey that requires continual assistance. Even after you have completed our program, we will provide you with ongoing assistance and coaching to help you maintain and reinforce the training at home. Our trainers are always accessible to answer your questions or handle any concerns.

Positive Customer Feedback: Our happy customers speak volumes about the caliber of our services. We have gotten countless good reviews and testimonials from delighted puppy parents who have observed dramatic improvements in their dogs’ behavior and obedience following training with us.

Convenient Location: Austin Dog Training Pros is strategically located in Austin, making it easily accessible to residents in Texas. We provide a welcoming and secure training environment for your puppy to develop.


Don’t put off starting your puppy’s training. At Austin Dog Training Pros, we are dedicated to helping pups become well-mannered dogs. We are confident in our ability to give great puppy training services in Austin due to our knowledge and dedication.

Contact us at 512-866-2118 to schedule a consultation and begin the journey toward a fulfilling connection with your puppy. Allow Austin Dog Training Pros to be your dependable companion in growing a happy, well-behaved, obedient puppy.


Austin Dog Training Professionals


A new dog’s training is an essential component of ownership. It not only promotes a close relationship between you and your dog, but it also ensures that your pet is polite and well-behaved both inside and outside of your house. Start your pup’s journey to cleanliness today with puppy training Austin. We can help! Contact us today at 512-866-2118.


Establish a routine for eating

Setting up a consistent feeding routine for your dog is the first step in toilet training it. By doing this, you may assist your puppy in learning when it’s time to use the restroom. Additionally, it’s crucial to take your puppy outside right away after they awaken from sleep, after they play or exercise, and right before night. This will make it simpler for your puppy to comprehend when it’s time to use the restroom and assist in building a habit that is constant.

Give them plenty of opportunities to go potty outside

This entails often walking them and, if required, transporting them to the appropriate bathroom outside. Additionally, it is a good idea to take them to the exact location each time, as this will assist them in learning to link that location with using the restroom.

Positive reinforcement

Toilet training your dog also requires a lot of positive reinforcement. This entails giving your dog goodies or praise when they use the restroom outside. This will increase the likelihood that they will keep up the conduct in the future by reinforcing it.

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Recognize the signs

It’s also crucial to keep an eye out for indicators that your puppy has to use the restroom. This may involve whimpering, circling, or sniffing. Take your puppy outside as soon as you notice these indications. By doing this, you can lessen the likelihood of accidents occurring indoors and help your puppy learn when it’s time to use the restroom.

Be consistent

Consistency is another crucial component in toilet-training your dog. This entails following a set schedule, employing the same commands, and taking your puppy outside in the same location each time. This will make learning easier for your puppy and assist in ensuring that they grasp what is expected of them.

Keep your cool. Accidents will happen

It’s crucial to keep in mind that accidents may occur, and it’s as important to control your emotions when they do. Instead, maintain your composure, clean up the mess, and then move on. By doing this, you may prevent your puppy from being terrified or worried, which can make the task of potty training much more challenging.

Although it might be difficult, toilet training your puppy is completely doable with the correct strategy and some patience. You can assist your puppy in learning when it’s time to go pee and make the procedure as easy as possible by setting a regular feeding schedule, providing your puppy lots of opportunities to go potty outside, using positive reinforcement, and being consistent. We can help! Contact us today at 512-866-2118.


Crate training is a crucial component of puppy training. This may be a useful tool in the toilet-training process because it can assist in avoiding accidents in the home and make it simpler for your puppy to comprehend when it’s time to go potty.

It’s crucial to choose a crate that is the right size for your puppy while using one so that it can easily stand up, turn around, and lay down. Additionally, by putting treats and toys inside the crate and leaving the door open, it’s crucial to introduce the object gradually. When your puppy is at peace in the crate, you may begin to close the door for brief intervals and progressively lengthen the time they spend there.

When your puppy is not in the crate, especially in the first stages of potty training, it’s crucial to watch over them attentively. This will enable you to recognize any indications that they need to use the restroom and take them outside without delay. Limit their access to the house and confine them to a limited space, like the kitchen or laundry room, where you can easily keep an eye on them.


A bell or a clicker may be a helpful tool when teaching a puppy to use the bathroom. You may use this to tell your puppy when it’s time to use the restroom. When you take your puppy outdoors to use the restroom, you may hang a bell or a clicker nearby and use it to ring or click every time. Your dog will eventually begin to ring the bell or click the clicker when they need to go pee as a result of this association training.


In addition to the aforementioned advice, keep in mind that each puppy is unique and may learn at a different rate. While some pups may pick up on the concept of potty training fast, others may need more time. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that accidents will occur and that you should be persistent and patient. When toilet training your puppy, consistency is essential, so take your time and don’t hurry things.

The most crucial aspect of getting a new dog is toilet training your puppy. It not only promotes a close relationship between you and your dog, but it also ensures that your pet is polite and well-behaved both inside and outside of your house. You can help your puppy learn when it’s time to go potty and make the process as easy as possible by establishing a regular feeding schedule, giving your puppy plenty of opportunities to go potty outside, using positive reinforcement, closely monitoring your puppy, using a crate, a bell, or a clicker, and being consistent.

You and your pet will be well on your way to a contented and trained puppy if you keep your cool and are patient. Austin Dog Training Pros can help! Contact us today at 512-866-2118.