Puppy training is critical for creating a well-behaved, well-adjusted adult dog. Puppies absorb everything. They learn rapidly and have a strong desire to please, making this the ideal age to begin training. Austin Dog Training Pros’ puppy training program will get your new best friend off to a fantastic start.

We feel that early training is essential for producing a well-balanced, dependable, and enjoyable companion. Our approach is intended to make raising a puppy a pleasurable and rewarding experience for both you and your new canine best friend. By teaching your puppy early on, you will be able to avoid the normal challenges that come with parenting a young dog and enjoy a better relationship with your pet.

This curriculum is designed for pups five months or younger and includes 1 on 1 dog training that focuses on socialization, obedience training, and basic manners.


Our Stay & Train program is a popular alternative for busy dog owners who want to see results immediately. The curriculum is intended to offer your dog a thorough training experience while you attend to your everyday chores. Our experienced dog trainers provide lots of 1-on-1 dog training to ensure each fundamental is solidified in your new best friend.

From fundamental obedience commands like sit, stay, come, and heel to advanced training like off-leash obedience and behavior management, our dog board and train curriculum has it all. We will also work with your dog to address any specific concerns or behaviors that you wish to address. Because we recognize that every dog is unique, we personalize the training program to each dog’s specific needs and personality. We are happy to incorporate that into their dog obedience training curriculum.

After your dog has learned all of the skills and applied them in real-world situations, we will provide you with coaching to help you integrate all your dog has learned at home. This involves training you how to communicate properly with your dog and how to regulate its behavior in various settings.

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Our individual sessions are designed to give owners 1-on-1 dog training and coaching. These sessions are an excellent approach to learning how to teach your dog while also addressing any unique challenges or concerns you may have.

Private sessions can be held at your house or on our site depending on your desire and your dog’s individual needs. This enables us to deal with you in the context of the problems, making the training process more successful.


Our dog socialization classes are done in group sessions and are designed to give both training and socializing for dogs of all ages and ability levels.

To address the different requirements of our clients, we offer a range of lessons, including Loose Leash Walking, Puppy Raising and Socialization, Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Off Leash Obedience, AKC Canine Good Citizen, and more!

Our lessons build on one another, allowing you and your dog to progress as far as you choose. The training will get more sophisticated and tough as you proceed through the programs, allowing you and your dog to continue to learn and grow together.

If you’d like to attend one of our group sessions, please contact us right away to set up a phone consultation or in-person evaluation. We will assist you in locating the perfect class for you and your dog so that you can begin training and having fun together!

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Our in-home boarding service is a one-of-a-kind and exclusive service available to anybody who has completed a training program with us. Unlike a normal kennel, our boarding service provides a home-like environment in which your dog will be out and about, engaging in everyday activities, and honing his training and social skills.

During his stay, your dog will have lots of playtime, training time, and love and attention. We realize how distressing it may be for both you and your dog to leave your dog in a kennel. That is why our in-home boarding service is designed to put your dog as at ease as possible while you are gone.

Our in-home boarding service is ideal for anybody who wants to know that their dog is secure, loved, and well-cared for while they are away. So, the next time you need to go on vacation for a few days, leave your dog with us where he knows he’ll have a great time and you know he’ll be secure and cherished.


We do train aggressive dogs. “Aggression” is sometimes misapplied to a dog who might be scared, anxious or stressed. We will absolutely take any dog that we believe we can help. This also means the owner must believe the dog can change as well. We understand how much stress and anxiety you can get from a dog that nips or full on bites. Give us a call and tell us what your goals and dreams are for your furry friend.


Adrienne Liddle has always loved animals, but never thought she would go into dog training in Austin. She started out as a classical pianist and an English major in college. In 2009, Adrienne joined the Army for 5 years as an Arabic linguist and Signals Intelligence Analyst.

After finishing her time of service, she used her GI Bill to attend Starmark Academy and in 2016 earned her state-accredited certificate as a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist.

Adrienne has used her communication skills to help dog owners learn to communicate correctly with their dogs! This makes life easier for you and your dog! Learning to communicate well will ensure a loving relationship.