Smooth Village

Smooth Village is home to various businesses, including Smooth Hair & Wax Studio and the Old Town Leander Farmers Market. We are an outdoor event center with a coffee, beer, and wine bar.

The Smooth Story

After working at salons and wax studios and observing all that was wrong or could be done better, Angel and Chad realized they could do it better themselves. Angel discovered a charming small camper in Oklahoma that may be the new home and the start of several business opportunities.

Chad recommended looking in their “own backyard,” which proved to be a brilliant idea. They discovered a 1973 Land Yacht Airstream just a few blocks away that was in desperate need of a new owner. They soon purchased it and took it home. Angel had a new salon and wax studio up and operating in six months.

Smooth Hair & Wax Studio was born.

Chad and Angel found an overgrown spot in the heart of “Old Town Leander” easily. The rent was too good to pass up. The local council and chamber of commerce adored them from the start! After a few months of making changes to the property and obtaining the necessary licenses from the city, it was time to relocate the Salon to 203 West Broad Street in Leander, Texas. Then Chad and Angel decided to open a farmers market as well as a live music venue.

This was the beginning of Smooth Village. There was nowhere in Leander to buy locally, so they set out to change that. The market began with only 5 exhibitors and now has well over 30 vendors every year. They have also developed Leander’s first outdoor live music venue. What about live music? Beer! They then chose to convert an old 1961 International Harvester school bus into the “Buzz Stop” bar. Smooth Village is now a bustling live music venue!

They have also added a business restroom that they built themselves out of a 1947 Spartan that they found on a road trip to Arizona, as well as a Tattoo Studio that is also a 1947 Spartan that may be utilized for a variety of purposes in the future. Chad and Angel performed all of the remodeling on each apartment and have created a wonderfully cool spot for all of Leander and the neighboring communities to come and enjoy on a daily basis.

During this period, they have held comedy performances, live chefs, hundreds of bands, high school marching bands, charities, community events, private parties, campaign parties, political rallies, and so on. Chad and Angel are happy to call Smooth Village the heart of Leander’s entertainment and live music, as well as the most distinctive place in the surrounding Austin area.


Many of our neighbors and visitors like the unusual blend of Texas Hill Country living in the urban Austin metropolitan zone, complete with spectacular landscapes, animals, and rivers. It was the fastest-growing city in the United States between 2018 and 2019, as a suburb just north of Austin and part of the Greater Austin metropolitan region.

Leander is located about 22 miles northwest of Austin, near the intersection of Ranch to Market Road 2243 and US Route 183. Georgetown is 5 miles east on Route 2243.

According to the City of Leander, the entire area of Leander is 34.08 square miles (88.3 km2). There is no water anywhere in the region.


Prior to Anglo colonization, the territory now known as Leander was home to various Native American tribes, most notably the Tonkawa and Lipan Apache Nations, with the Comanche Nation later moving in. The territory was then administered by the Spanish, and then by Mexico, while Native Americans retained sovereignty. Several pioneer families arrived in the 1840s, and Tumlinson Fort was built to protect them near the Blockhouse Creek hamlet.

Leander was created in 1882 on land granted by the Austin and Northwestern Railroad Co. to potential residents. The town was named after Leander “Catfish” Brown, one of the railroad executives in charge of the line’s construction.

Tumlinson Fort, Williamson County’s first European settlement, was built in early January 1836 at the headwaters of Brushy Creek, 4 miles south of present-day Leander. A company of Texas Rangers defended European settlers from Comanche Indian assaults until late February, when the Santa Anna invasion caused the station to be abandoned, and it was quickly burned down by the Comanche.

In August 1839, near present-day Leander, a group of around 30 settlers traveling west were attacked by Comanche Indians, and all but three were killed.

The Leanderthal Lady, a skeleton going back 10,000 to 13,000 years, was discovered in Leander; the site was one of the first entire tombs unearthed in the United States.

In August and September 2011, devastating fires ravaged two central Leander neighborhoods, burning 26 homes and scorching 330 acres (130 hectares).

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