Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park

Wonder World, located in San Marcos, Texas, is a natural theme park. Wonder Cave, an old earthquake cave and Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, is the park’s main attraction. An anti-gravity home, a trackless motor train, and a wildlife park are among the other attractions.

Wonder World Park is a one-of-a-kind Theme Park that is home to Texas’ first show cave. For over 105 years, visitors have loved seeing the Balcones Fault Line Cave, and the park also offers many more attractions for family fun and entertainment. On a guided tour, discover the nation’s sole real example of an earthquake-formed cave. Go down beneath to witness the destruction of a big earthquake up close. Be surprised by the Anti-Gravity House’s Topsy-Turvy World, where everything is backwards and water runs upwards! Take the train past Mystery Mountain’s waterfalls on your way to the Texas Wildlife Petting Park.


Mark A. Bevers, a former rancher and freight transport who settled in San Marcos in 1882, found Wonder Cave in 1893. Mr. Bevers was drilling for water in what is now the park’s parking lot (a state historical marker designates the site).

In 1903, W.S. Davis purchased Bevers’ Cave and began exploiting it as a tourist attraction. He charged ten cents for a candle and tour. A medical display and a tent housing a South American anteater were among the other attractions in the cave.

Judge Will G.Barber, whose mansion was on the hill directly north of the cave, finally acquired ownership of the cave. In 1916, Judge Barber sold the land to Arther B. Rodgers for $50, a gray horse, and a saddle. Mr. Rodgers renamed the cave Wonder Cave after adding electric illumination, gravel walkways, handrails, and ladders.

Ralph Marker leased the cave from Paul Rodgers, son of A.B. Rodgers, in 1955. Mr. Marker launched a massive advertising effort, which increased business so dramatically that the subterranean operation had to be expanded.

Paul Rodgers sold the cave to a local family in 1958, and Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park has been run by the same family ever since.

Cave Tours

On a guided tour, go far below into the Balcones Fault Line Cave, the only true earthquake-formed cave exposed for observation. You’ll learn about former geological ages, discover petrified prehistoric life, and experience the devastation caused by earthquakes! People have been exploring this cave since 1903, when a candle-lit tour cost ten cents. Don’t worry, there are now electricity lights down there…

Texas Wildlife Petting Zoo

The whole family will enjoy boarding the train and visiting the petting zoo with some friendly locals. You may feed and pet deer, pigs, goats, emus, and other animals. Before your voyage, you can purchase feed at the Train Station.

Anti-Gravity House

The Anti-Gravity House is always a mystery and a terrific photo opportunity. The principles of nature don’t actually apply in the Anti-Gravity House’s topsy-turvy world, as objects that go up don’t necessarily fall back down, and water even rushes uphill.

Observation Tower

For those who aren’t afraid of heights, ride the “Stratavator” up 190 feet to the top of the Observation Tower for a spectacular view of the Texas Hill Country. In the Observation Museum in the Sky, you can observe the Balcones Fault Line and learn more about the terrain.

What You Should Know Before You Go

For all four sights, fully guided excursions can take up to two hours. Every 20-30 minutes, tours depart. The train travel lasts around 30 minutes.

Visitors should bring suitable walking shoes because they will be touring a cave with rough terrain or maybe damp footing. The Observation Tower and the train are wheelchair accessible, however the cave and Anti-Gravity House are not. Strollers are not permitted on trips.


Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park prioritizes the safety of its guests and employees. We have established standards and safety protocols for visitors to follow while on the park grounds. We strongly advise you to wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, keep a safe physical distance from other parties, and use face covers for your mouth and nose. Please do not visit the park if you have any symptoms of illness or a recent fever.

Some safety rules and practices are listed below.

  • Online Bookings: We strongly advise you to purchase your tickets online one hour in advance at http://www.wonderworldpark.com.
  • Please clean your hands before and after buying at the gift shop.
  • What is available? All attractions are open for business: All of the caves, towers, anti-gravity houses, and train rides are open for visitors.
  • Mask Covers – Mask coverings are optional.
  • Sanitizing Stations: Hand sanitizer stations have been strategically positioned throughout the park for your convenience.
  • Designated Sanitation Crew: At the park, we have developed extra responsibilities dedicated to cleaning and sanitation of heavily trafficked areas such as doors, tables, benches, railings, and both inside and outside the cave.
  • Floor Markings: We have designated the floor with a 6 ft space between persons. We requested that you not swarm people outside your party and maintain social distance at all times.

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